7 August 2019

Meet the breakthrough range

Carousel - is excited to announce the introduction of yet another “break through brand” - The Magnifique range. This range is inspired by the celebratory allure that special occasions are known for. While drawing the bulk of its influence from the modern day wedding, the range is designed to cater for the proud, dignified, elegant and mature lady who may be the mother, aunt or elder sister of the bride/groom. The range will also cater for other celebratory occasions as well such as graduations, church etc and sizes ranging from 8/32-22/48.

Weddings are a special day not only to the bride and groom but their mothers too. Mothers want to look the part of a proud, sophisticated, classy and stylish woman and this range will help them achieve that. Styling is essential and attention to detail is key, the silhouettes in this range will consist of tailored, figure flattering pieces and will be presented in a way which will help the customer coordinate their look with ease.

 A mother’s attire can never be complete without a matching jacket, trendy duster or cutebolero to go with. “Magnifique Range” will focus on 2 piece suits and dresses to pair with a jacket.

“Magnifique Range” will incorporate a mixture of fabrics and different textures. Fabrication will includes stretch suiting in print and plain designs, lace, printed chiffon updates and the whole twofer look and this will help keep the range looks up to date and not cliche.

 “Behind every bride there’s a happy mother…best look…best smile…”


Complimentary range

Any event of importance is characterized by events before, during and after the actual function. Within this range are collection items and easy to fit outfits that go with each of these stages

“Collection items” in range

 A few soft dresses, skirts and blouses will be added on to the range for the purposes of variety so that mothers can pick and choose what appeals to their style. They may also choose to relax in the soft dresses the day before and/or after the event.