9 January 2020

2019 Summer Comes To Life!

Summer comes alive with freshness in colors, silhouettes fabrication and styling. This Season the Quote brand inspired by the modern woman who is trend aware and willing to push boundaries of Fashion Fabrication.

Linen bases are our key fabrication this season. It is cool to the wearer and comfortable to the skin. We remain faithful to cotton rich bases in dresses, shirts bottoms. We embrace knit fabrication for its stretch and comfort. Chambray, denim, continues to influence our range greatly in our dresses bottoms and skirts


We look to the runway this season as we move the Baja stripe on our dresses and shirts -with touch of floral. Variation on our stripes are key for the interest and newness. Sleeve Theatre continues to influence our ranges. Our dresses embrace a playful feel with baby doll styling on our ladies dresses and juxtaposing it with more fashionable silhouettes like the barrel dresses embellished with draw cords. We still focus our ranges with our traditional core safari packs with pocket detail and surface interest on twill


The big idea this season is pastels on our tops and dresses. We continue to stand by our colors which are navy, earth tones and white

Quote Urbanwear

The Quote Urban Wear range this season is inspired by the discerning Quote gentleman. His desire is comfort fit and ease of maintenance. The range remains faithful to its core shirts, trousers and shorts. With update on fabrication styling color


Cotton rich fabrics are key this summer. This is evident on our checks hurts and bottoms. We embrace linen bases this season on our shirts with the introduction of new surface interests on our core short sleeve and long sleeves. We vary the range with chambray denim with different laundry applications that add to the aesthetics of the shirts. 

The shirts are well treated in lava and enzyme wash to give them more vibrant look. Our bottoms remain as twill based 100% cotton with stretch and non-stretch for comfort of the wearer. Rib stock is also part of our range for variation and feel.

We follow the big idea of the season the “Baja Stripe”. This will be on our linen based shirts, for aesthetics and freshness to the range. Checks are core in our ranges in bright summer colors, blue red, navy and white. Pocket detailing and contrast buttons give an update to our shirt. Variation and contrasting denim is key this season. Use of twill tapes and dove tails on our shirts give the shirts a more exclusive look. Press studs are an update this summer for ease of wearing and excitement to the customer

The key color of this season are warm red, rich, blues, pastels and shades of earth tones.